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Greetings and welcome to my home page. It has no other purpose than to entertain and try to induce a chuckle. Life is too precious not to be taken with a grain of salt. The page is in two segments.

In the segment entitled Charles and Bingo I hope to share log entries from a journal I keep for Charles Raymond. He says and does the darndest things sometimes – things that I want to save to show him so he can see what he was like as a little boy.

The second segment, entitled From the 6th Tee is a log I will keep of the things that cross my mind as I look out the window at the fifth and sixth fairways of the Fazio Foothills golf course at Barton Creek Country Club. Most of the observations or reflections I post here will likely deal with writing. This is where I will post short stories, poems, essays or other brief pieces of prose. Here also I invite you to submit your opinion in response to what is posted either by me or by other responders.

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